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Talisa Garcia


Note:  This page was first published 2001 but Talisa soon asked me to remove it as she had gone stealth.  However by 2006 this removal had became pointless given her frequent appearance in media articles which stated that she is transsexual, and she is now a trans-advocate.

Talisa Garcia is a Chilean-born transsexual woman who now holds a British passport.

She was apparently found abandoned by her mother in the streets of Santiago, Chile in 1970 as a baby boy of about eight months old.  He was adopted from an orphanage by a university lecturer and her engineer husband and named Joseph Lucia, although he preferred to be called 'Josie'.

The family left Chile in 1977 and settled in Swansea in the UK.  From a young age Joseph  played as a girl in games and wanted to be a "maiden".  He moved to London in 1978 with her mother after her parents divorced.  Age 13 he started taking acting lessons at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and soon got his first acting break as a teenage boy in BBC's school yard children's soap Grange Hill.  She also sang on the Just Say No anti-drugs record and video made by the cast.  

Increasingly desperate about having a male rather than female puberty, he attempted suicide before being allowed to have hormone treatment and transition

She began taking female hormones age 14 - illegally provided to her by members of the trans community.  Age 18 she changed her name to Talisa Garcia - the forename is after an actress who featured as a Bond girl in the recently realised movie A Licence to Kill, and the surname is her mother's maiden name.  After having SRS at the young age of 19 she began a career as a minor actress and model.  This was brought to an abrupt halt in 1993 when the Sun newspaper linked the attractive model to her male past.  This was rapidly followed by a flurry of newspaper and magazines articles that featured pictures from old photo shoots.

Her shocked boyfriend of four years, Terry, said that he had never had the slightest suspicion that Talisa was a post-SRS transexual.  His only complaint had been that she often didn't wear any panties under her dresses and she was always wanting sex!   Sadly Terry could no longer accept Talisa as a woman and previous talk of marriage was void.

Talisa moved to Spain for while, presumably to recover mentally and let passage of time heal and dim memories.  After returning to London she eventually (perhaps 1998) entered a serious relationship with another boyfriend, and they possibly even married.  Talisa tried to go stealth as her new boyfriend / husband and family had no idea that she was a transsexual.  She appealed for websites to remove information about her, saying: "This is a long and painful road for me.  I need to [make my old self] not even exist.  I now have a loving family and I am so scared of losing everything that I always dreamed of."

In 2003 she re-launched her career as an actress when she graduated with an MA in acting from the Arts Educational School London.  A number of minor acting roles soon followed, e.g. in the TV series Doctors.  In 2004 she appeared in the long running BBC crime drama Silent Witness as the transsexual woman Suzanne Bradley in the two episodes "Body 21" - it's unclear whether the casting team knew of her past, but probably not as she was still trying to live stealth at this time.

Sadly her marriage/relationship presumably ended after about seven years as in July 2005 she was again out'ed, this time by the Sunday People newspaper in relation to an affair she was having with television presenter John Leslie - much to the annoyance of his pregnant girlfriend, Rachel Bentley.  Talisa featured in several other newspaper articles, in one she admits "I want sex all the time - you could say I'm a bit of a sex maniac ... I know my body turned him [John] on.  Many men say it's the best they have ever seen."

Talisa in Baptiste

Talisa continued to try to develop her acting career, and finally landed her first major role as the criminal Kim Voge in the BBC TV series Baptiste, shown in early 2019It's eventually revealed in the series that Kim is a post-operative transsexual, and the press pack confirms that Talisa is also a transgender actress, although it generously gives her age as being 45 - rather than the actual 48 or 49.

Talisa has since won a major role in the film Decrypt, expected to be released in 2020.


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