AIS Photos

The following of photographs of AIS women show their typically female figure and good breast development.

Note: I have received several objections and complaints about using these pictures, after careful consideration I continue to include them because:

  • the images are widely used in medical text books

  • the images are also widely available on the internet

  • they are relevant to the article

  • they all seem to be very old (at least pre-1965)

I have however reluctantly blurred key parts of most images - the exception being the face of "Woman 2" whose age will be over 100 if still alive.

Photo 1
ais3.jpg (6153 bytes)
Woman (2)

Woman (3)

Woman (4)

AIS Woman
Woman (5)

Woman (6)

Photo 1: Four sisters, all suffering with AIS
Woman (2): She has had investigative surgery and the scar is visible.
Woman (3) is 170cm tall, Woman (4) is 178cm, and Woman (5) is 162cm tall - the average European female height is about 163 cm (5ft 4 in) but most AIS women are taller.


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