Female Physical Beauty
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Hari Nef


At the top 1%, it's become impossible from appearance to tell if a beautiful woman was born male or female.
Smoke and Mirrors

I've found it impossible in this article to definitively define female beauty.  A huge and unexpected obstacle is that the top models are a women's vision of female beauty - most men consider them to be too tall, lanky, and skiny to be attractive.  Men instead generally prefer more buxom and well-rounded women.  Ruben's painting in 1635 of The Three Graces shown at the top of this page is a more realistic view as to what constitutes a beatiful woman for men than the photos of models in magazines such as VogueCosmopolitan and Vanity Fair

It's also impossible to ignore the appearance in ever larger numbers of "beautiful" transgender women - who cover all bases by ranging in appearance from a starving wraith to an over-endowed Venus!  An associated problem is that since about 2000, the top womens fashion shows blur the spectrum, with tall female models often competing directly with androgenous male models, whilst a substantial number of "trans" models try to fill any gap in a fashion designers needs.  


Filters and AI Images

It is impossible to ignore the wide spread use of filters when taking photos's on smartphones.  These started to be released in 2012 and now allow women to take photos of themselves that instantly remove skin blemishs and wrinkles, lighten their complexion, emphasise their eyes and lips, colour their hair, and even reduce their waistline and increase their bust.  As a result, many 40 or 50  year-old woman are posting photos that would flatter someone half their age.  Indeed some filters explicity aim to reduce the users apparent age.

An image of a woman produced by an AI program.
One step further is the advent of online social media "influencers" whose adjusted photos and images bear little resemblance to their actual appearance.

We are also now seeing Artificial Intelligence being used to generate realistic photos and videos of perfect women that are based on machine learning algorithms that have been fed the images of millions of women.

The world is reaching the point where an unaltered photo of a very attractive and beautiful young woman will struggle to compete with enhanced or artificial images.

The End of An Era

The last few decades have seen a dramatic reduction in female nudity in mainstream printed media, and it's banned by the major social media sites - although there has been a corresponding explosion in porn web sites.  This probably explains why the most recent versions of Maxim's "hottest women" list are dominated by singers and models - albeit most of the former could easily pass as a top model.  Before 2000 the lists would undoubtedly have been very different, instead being dominated by pin-up girls such as Kelly Brook, Michelle Marsh, Katie Jordan Price and Samantha Fox who all had become famous from appearing scantily clad, topless, or even nude, in men's magazine (e.g. Playboy, Penthouse, Oui), lads mags (e.g. Maxim, FHM, Stuff) and tabloid newspapers, (e.g. the UK's Sun and Star).  However, since 2000 such displays of female flesh have became increasingly seen as offensive to women, and many of the publications closed or moved to on-line only.  In a sign of the times, GQ magazine quietly ceased publishing its annual "sexiest women" list after 2015. 

In the 2010's the Formula 1 Grand Prix in South Korea was famed for the beauty of its local grid girls - on the right is transwoman Alicia
An announcement in late 2017 by Formula 1 clearly marked the end of an era: "While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grand Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms.”  The grid girls tried hard to reverse the decision but with no success.  Model Kelly Brook, a former Formula 1 grid girl, described the role as "one of the best jobs I've ever had". She said: "You dress glamorously and obviously it’s about being presentable but I never felt I was taken advantage of." Fellow grid girl Rebecca Cooper wrote on Twitter: "Ridiculous that women who say they are "fighting for women's rights" are saying what others should and shouldn't do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do. PC gone mad" "If we don't do something to stop this where will it end? No grid girls, no cheerleaders, female singers being told what to wear on stage, no models in magazines?  I'll fight for my right to choose what I wear, where I work and to keep a job I love."


Mimi Alexandria worked for nearly ten years as a female escort and soft porn star before outing herself as a transwoman.
Public Rankings
As a project I have spent many hours trying to identify the world's "most beatiful women".  Shown below are photos of:
  • The top 10 ranked female models, as reported by models.com at the start of 2023
  • The top hottest women over the period 2013-2023 according to Maxim magazine (there was no winner in 2020)
  • The top 10 most beautiful transwomen in 2023 - taken from multiple sources.
I was unable to find found any convincing single source for the top 10 transwomen.  Recent lists in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Elle magazine are essentially just a catalogue of transwomen who have recently had success as female models, e.g. Lea T, Valentina Sampaio, Teddy Quinlivan, Isis King, Leyna Bloom, Ines Rau, Andreja Pejić, Geena Rocero and Hari Nef.  The lists appear to have been created by fashion editors based on minimal research.  I have thus attempted to create a more balanced list by replacing some of these with other transwomen who have a more diverse background and/or large on-line following, although excluding women whose primary career is as a porn star.   

The following table shows the results.  No column seems greatly superior to the others - in the rarified air of a top ranking, it's posible to match almost every woman in one column with a look alike in the others.  If some of the photos were interchanged, few people would spot this.

Rank Top Female Models Hottest Women Beautiful Transwomen
Kaia Jordan Gerber
Miley Cyrus
Hunter Schafer
Miranda Kerr
Candice Swanepoel
Theodora “Teddy” Quinlivan
Barbara Palvin
Taylor Swift
Rimal Ali Sha
Bella Hadid
Sella Maxwell
Treechada Petcharatarmen, aka
"Nong Poy"
Cara Delevingne
Hailey Baldwin
Thalita Zampirolla
Kim Kardashian
Kate Upton
Zion Moreno
Taylor Hill
Olivia Culpo
Rinrada “Yoshi” Thurapan
Emily Ratajkowski
Teyana Taylor
Valentina Sampaio
Gigi Hadid
Paige Spirana
Grace Hyland
Kendall Jenner
Ashley Graham
Lea T

Anne Jakrajutatip is a Thai business woman who owns the Miss Universe beauty pageant.  She is also transgender and the mother of two surrogate children.  This photo, showing her age 44, has been tweaked, but that's now the norm.
A Final Comment

Photos of young women who were considered to be exceptional beauties a century ago often show someone who by modern standards is short, plump and even rather plain looking - albeit often wearing a gorgeous dress!  It's medical, cosmetic and technological advances rather than human evolution that has moved the 'goal posts' so much in just three generations.When viewing photos of beautiful women, it is important to recognise the huge attempts being to avoid signs of aging.  Many model's and actresses who became famous as a teenager or in their 20's, often seem to barely change as they pass through their 30's, 40's and even 50's.  This isn't solely due to healthy eating and the use of the expensive skin care products that they promote. The reality is:
  • Lots of expensive cosmetic surgery is commonplace
  • Every photo is carefully adjusted using filters and often extensively 'photoshopped'
  • Seen in person, the woman may appear years older and much heavier (particularly around the waist), have unnatural looking features, and be wearing heavy make-up.


Four well known shemale porn stars.  Are they beautiful women?




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