Second Type Women - Bibiana Fernandez
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Bibiana Fern�ndez was born in Malaga, Spain in 1954 as Manuel Fern�ndez.  In her early 20's she changed her name to Bib� Andersen and developed in to a large, but impressively busty (she claims no implants!) and well figured se�orita.  Her movie debut was the 1977 film Cambio de sexo (Sex Change), although didn't actually have her SRS operation until some years later.  She is particularly well known for her roles in a series of films directed by Pedro Almadovar during the late 1980's and early 1990's - Matador, Law of Desire, High Heels and Kika.   [All widely available in English language versions].  None of these played on her transsexuality, and in particular her brief nude appearances in Kika made her many fans who were unaware of her past, including some film critics!

In 1994 she changed her name again to Bibiana Fern�ndez.  She recently married a male model and continues to make main stream movies.




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