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(Above) A stellar photo spread of 14 well-known transwomen published by C*ndy Magazine in 2014



This website covers various aspects of male-to-female transsexualism, now usually referred to as Gender Identity Dysphoria (GID).  It was developed in the years around my own transition in 2000 and there have been no major changes since 2004, although I occasionally make small updates, corrections, or additions in areas of particular interest to me.  I have also removed some pages and information of a personal or controversial nature - views and opinions that were the norm in the late 1990's are often now considered unacceptable.  

The site was launched during an extraordinary period around the turn of the millennia which was truly transformational for transsexual women.  In 2000 the Internet had hundreds of small websites [admittedly often amateurish] published by transgender women on free hosting platforms such as Geocities, which collectively contained a huge amount of helpful information.  Fast forward 20 years and these time-consuming websites are sadly long gone - replaced by thousands of social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook, and easy to make videos on YouTube and TikTok.  The titles of posts and videos are heavily focussed on getting lots of views and likes, but the content is often very benign - or get banned!

Whilst this website is largely historical in nature, I hope that it contains some information that may still be useful and helpful. 


The use of Latin terms such as trans and cis is appropriate given the Roman fascination with hermaphrodites  


The articles often use words such as transsexual and transwoman, which have largely been replaced by the term transgender.  The prefix trans is a Latin noun meaning 'across', 'beyond' or 'on the opposite side'.  The articles use trans in the context of people making changes to their physical characteristics (hormonal and surgery) and lifestyle to match this to their gender.

A significant development since c.2014 is the use of the prefix cis, e.g., in words such as ciswomen, cisgendered and cissexual.  Cis is actually another Latin term, meaning 'on this side', and is increasingly used in the context of women (usually but not always genetically XX) who were assigned a female gender at birth, and whose bodies and their personal identity have always agreed with this.  It does make sense as an alternative to awkward phrases such as "genetically XY women" that I have resorted to in some articles. 

I support the recent substitution of the term Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) for the very inaccurate term Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) that dates to the 1950's, but due to age of the articles they do extensively use the abbreviation SRS.


The March of Time

It's impossible exaggerate how much things have changed since 2000.  For example, in 2020 I was watching TV when I realised that two commercials in a prime-time ad break had featured female models who I knew were MTF transgender - one was for a shampoo brand and the other was for a fashion retailer.  Twenty years ago, either ad would have resulted in a major story in a Sunday newspaper! 

In 2000 there were about 60,000 post-GCS women in the entire world - and most had used a few dozen surgeons (each performing between 50 and 300 procedures a year) whose individual merits were intensely debated within the trans-community.  Fast forward to 2020 and a million post-GCS women is probably an underestimation.  Thailand has overtaken the USA as the 'market leader' due to the low price and generally high quality of the surgical procedures performed there.  Small clinics in Thailand have grown into specialist hospitals which each conduct thousands of gender confirmation procedures annually (over 90% on foreigners) - perhaps as many as were being performed in the entire world twenty years ago.  One Thai surgeon, Dr. Kamol, claims to be performing 2,000 MTF operations a year!

Because of the huge increase in the number of transwomen, they are no longer "freaks" that occasionally appear in an afternoon television show or a tabloid newspaper expose.  Most people (particularly in younger age groups) now personally know someone who is transgender - a family member, classmate, friend, work colleague, etc.  This is changing attitudes to the extent that going deep stealth after transition is no longer the goal of every transwoman who can pass convincingly as a woman. 

In early 2014 the 22-year old male model Andrej Pejic had gender confirmation surgery.  A year later she reappeared as a top-100 female model - Andreja   The story was minor news and she failed to gain interest in making a documentary of her transition. 

Other developments since 2000 include:

  • EU directives prohibiting any discrimination based on sex or gender being adopted in national laws. [A legal case taken by Caroline Cossey in 1989 played a huge role in starting this process] 

  • In many countries a transwoman born with a male birth certificate can now legally marry as a woman.  Some faiths/orders (e.g. The Church of England) will now perform a religious marriage ceremony as long as the couple identify and marry as a "a man and a woman".

  • The acceptance by the modelling industry of transwomen as female models, led by Andrej (now Andreja) Pejic and Lea T

  • A much greater willingness by the medical profession to pro-actively treat young transgender children under age 18 - take a bow Kim Petras

  • Medical advances - both surgical and endocrinological.  Medical barriers have fallen and the announcement of the first pregnant transwoman is a case when rather than if

Another significant difference is that in late 20th century, Gender Identity Disorder was a condition that was primarily associated with men in their 30's-40's.  In 2000 male-to-female (MTF) surgical procedures out-numbered female-to male (FTM) procedures by roughly 3-to-1.  That has since quietly but dramatically changed, by 2020 many clinics were performing more FTM than MTF operations.  The FTM transition of actor Ellen (now Elliot) Page in 2020 woke up the media to the fact that not all transgender people are transwomen.  If current trends continue then post-GRS transmen will outnumber transwomen well before 2030.


Finally ...

I'm always delighted to hear from readers, contrast experiences, and perhaps attempt to answer any questions.  My email address is annie.richards@hotmail.com.

Important Notes:
I'm not a qualified medical professional and the contents of this website are merely based upon my experience and research.  It does NOT in any way constitute Medical Advice.
2. Please contact me if you are featured on this website and wish to be removed.  Whilst I will usually do this, in a few cases I have declined to act when the information or image is clearly in the public domain and relevant to an article. 

3. Most of the images I collected before 2005, when copyright was rarely a consideration for personal websites.  Further, I heavily cropped and reduced the quality of most images as for many years I had a 10MB(!) hosting storage constraint.  Please don't request high quality versions with permission to re-use as I almost certainly can't grant this.

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